Vinco Zierowan  is an artist and consciousness researcher, home in the fields of arthouse cinema, experimental music, painting (including live painting performances with machines) and installation art. Before and after his travels to parts of North Africa, Europe, & Asia he observed different communities and eco villages working with the healing effects of dream analysis, psychedelic plants, esoteric healing, cartomancy, meditation, cymatics and binaural music. Which made him focus on creating technology to expand consciousness with. He’s right now working on his first project called the Satori Domes.

He studied cinema in Brussels for 4 years at the Luca Arts University and joined a Supermedia course in Prague, at the Academy of architecture art and design.
He’s the founder of GATEWAY TRAFFIX, an online videoplatform with the intent of creating educative artistic videos opening up a virtual network for artists to talk about art and share inspiration.

In 2012 he co-founded CHPT.01 (art platform) a community of young European artists collaborating on multidisciplinary events for 5 years.
In March 2018 Vinco stepped forward with his debut short movie: Ping Pong Supernova which was screened in cinema galeries, later on Vinco organised independent homeprojections all over the world, in Morocco, Spain, Portugal, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Ping Pong Supernova was officially released online on the 30th of November 2018 on Vice Magazine, but has been featured on several platforms such as Lost At E Minor, Oe Magazine Berlin, i-D Benelux, later on the movie participated in a few screenings and festivals such as Cinema Péniche, Oops Festival, Luca Showcase, …