EGO / by Vincent Pieraerd

First of all.. Why do most people who change their name, actually change their name?
Maybe because of something specific they want to forget, or maybe they get called a certain way by their circle of influence, maybe because a name is something we don’t get to choose, is that fair? To be honest I don’t know why exactly I did it, it must be really because I felt a sense of abandoning an old identity that didn’t make sense to me anymore, but also the fact of carrying a new name, alias or alter ego makes me dive into other realms that were unexplored. Maybe one day I’ll change again, maybe not, I don’t know.

The name Vinco was chosen after my stay in Prague, Czech Republic, the reason of that name is very simple cause as people pronounced Vincent in a very ugly way I thought I wanted to make it sound more natural for them, most of my friends would call me Vince, and for some way I wanted something more poetic and I had to think of many of the names I liked in art history which ended with an O, like Picasso or Christo for instance. (lol) Also I love the sound and the shape of an O. It represents innocence but also something serious as the cycle of life for me.

Zierowan is nearly a phonetic scripture of how we pronounce zero one in Dutch (which is my native language), and as the art group or collective CHPT.01 (CHAPTER ZERO ONE) really marked my identity I currently carry but also shed, I decided to dedicate my last name to a piece of the groups name.. Eventually the groups activity has died or rebirth-ed in different organic structures, as a certain kind of octopus many of its tentacles still remain alive in the deep waters of my brain. Shout out to the crew.

ZERO ONE also refers to the binary codes, the era of the technology and internet. I love numbers by the way.. I mean I love and I hate them at the same time, I love the vibration, shape and meaning of numbers in the numerological sense of speaking. In the tarot the Zero is the fool and the one is the magician, the fool jumping into the void blindly, having faith in the universe wherever it’ll carry him, and the magician using his power and primal urge to create, and manifest non-physical things in the physical dimension. Something that I believe is one of the most beautiful facets of being human. But what I hate about the numbers is that they’re so vague and abstract and create hyper sensitivity before you’re aware of it, you can look at it as an attempt to deepen the sense of interpreting cosmic signs, but be careful cause if you pay attention to all the numbers too much it makes it nearly impossible to live in an urban environment, at some point I had to just chill the fuck down and rewire my brain in the sense of not paying too much attention to every number, because numbers should never be confused with feelings, emotions.  

I must add that I’m not that much of a mathematical brain but I do think numbers tell us more about the situation or environment we are in, some people refer to this as a schizophrenic or autistic brainlink but I’m not really sure… Maybe I am autistic or schizophrenic, I don’t know, I actually feel quite fine. I guess the whole universe is schizophrenic.  The numbers became more important to me after my studies in the tarot but more importantly after my 3rd LSD trip, where at a certain point the number 27 kind of awakened me in a sense of brutal lightning. The number 27 chased me everywhere, what did that mean to me, and why? I started to analyze and calculate my holistic number and noticed that 21/12/1992 (my birthdate) makes 3/3/3 and therefore also 27 when we multiply all the numbers.. As Alan Watts also very nicely says, the problem with young people taking psychedelics is not the fact that they might take strange substances, no more or less, they are in search of mystic experiences but are not prepared for the higher spheres of consciousness that are opening up to them.

It requires practice and understanding to wander around in the mystic spheres of non-physical existence.
I refer to the shamans who learned from the plants that ayahuasca was out there in the jungle, the shamans learned it from the jungle spirits.

Already at a very young age I have thought the word “coincidence” to be the biggest illusion ever in our human language. Although my research in numbers has driven me far, and maybe also too far in some points of my life where people thought I might have gone insane but in the end, I felt what I was experiencing was something that many people on this earth were experiencing at the same time.. I still hear people every now and then experiencing the same phenomena, also without the input of psychedelic substances, but it was clear.. I just needed to put my feet back onto the ground, grow my roots in order to keep flying at the same pace, and enter a space of temperance. Step by step, or two steps forward, and one step back.

That said I think I gave a brief vague maybe mystic, abstract introduction of my ego and name that in some way should also define something more about the “me” I am searching within myself. I don’t know if the point of a document like this is to write about my personal identity, I don’t think so in first case but it’s a document to browse through if you want to know a little bit more about the things I’m about to research and create here in Wolke.

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Water evaporates to the skies, floats, and transforms into colours, grows and shrinks, cry the rain for the skies tears sinking into G