00; this collective belongs to everyone artists participated with all our happening events are:
Oscar Cassamajor, Toon Minnen, Loucka Fiagan, Bo Vloors, Tina Herbots, Ivan Schauvliege, Marjolein Guldentops, Max Meyer, Eric VanUytven, Lorena Spindler, Nathaniel Molamba, Cedric Willemen, Jan Huysmans, Jeroen Vranken, Fré Geukens, Ahmed Akif, Janne Claes, Vinco Zierowan, Tim De Fontaine, Marnik Boekaerts, Saji Debongnie, Marthe Lengeler, Alohathisisjoe, Alan Van Rompuy, Quinten Van Cauwenberge, Marie Lemot, Elliot Dehaspe, Jeremie Zagba, Jan Berckmans, Enrico Pigozzi, Matteo Gemolo, Joachim Brackx, Abdoul Miles, Gabriela Gazova, Halehan, Laurens Pieraerd, Venus Jones, Peter Sarpong, Noëmie Lewest, Zizi Lazer, Julie Lalaaj, Arthur Brouns, Aurelie Bayad, Alex Jaou, Sydney Yacoubu, Emma Verbeeck, Iga Swiesciak, Bram Kames, Gillis Verbeeck, Geoffrey Anane, Marco Menezes, Lisa van den Broeck, Jules Duys, Roos, Peter Sarpong, Lien Moris, Yasmien Pieters

We’ve exhibited in: Nuit Blanche Brussels Museum Night Fever Embassy of Brazil in Brussels, Neu West Berlin, Paris exhibition with Le Mot : Lame, Park nights, Parkfestival, BOZARPaleis voor Schone Kunsten Chapterfornia art talks, Radio ScorpioVK concerts, Breughel centre,  BarlokArt Cinema OFFoffCinema GaleriesZinnema and so many more

01; A new art collective was found by Tim De Fontaine, Saji Debongnie and Vinco Zierowan back in 2012. Art collective.. big and serious word right.. -

02; But the actual person who really came up with the name of the collective: "CHPT01 pronounced as Chapter One" was Marnik Boekaerts so.. we started actually with 4 people..

03; I had met Saji at the filmschool - Since we've met I think this guy slept at my place for the rest of the year.. he even brought this little dirty brown mattress from his home to install himself in the living room.. so he could sleep overnight because, we finished conversations at 5 am.. Topics about art I guess the conversation about CHPT01 really started growing because..