For our third happening art event ENTER, the whole embassy was loaded with youngsters, curious spectators and artistic minded souls. The focus of this event was definitely targeted onto experimental and mystic research in collaborative attitudes, filmmakers and dancers collaborate together this time. Often projecting videos on dancers, Baroq ensembles with Japanese influences, hooligan-riot imagery, masked performers and handicapped dancers, last but not least rotting cow brains. It was all included.


The guy that appears in this video here is Oscar Cassamajor, the projectleader of this event.
Every event we chose out a projectleader who would be the coordinator, kickstarter. If you wanna check out more of his crazy work and progress click on the button below. He’s not only a dancer, but also a theatre maker, filmmaker, sculptor, VFX designer, community designer and philosopher.

Our graphic design and photos at that time were mostly taken care of by Marnik Boekaerts, he’s a fashion photographer and filmmaker. Check out more of his work below.