Probably one of my most memorable moments of the CHPT.01 history, the time we conquered the Brussels night scene and started throwing rave parties all over Brussels, sometimes the cops came but the partyvibe wouldn’t stop, we’ve done plenty of them in the royal park afterwards. The musicians playing in this bowl were UNIVERSE, ENRICO PIGOZZI check out UNIVERSES music while checking out the pictures below.


How things started was very nice, right after CHPT.01.2 when we got kicked out of the embassy we moved towards the skatepark, we were impulsive but we had plans though as we hired a generator right before the event and put it into a car and brought it to the skatepark. We didn’t even have cables, but we had electricity. We thought it was one of our strategies that the sound would actually stay inside the bowl so we wouldn’t harm the neighbourhood too much. When the cops started driving around, we managed to get everybody into the bowl and that’s how we kind of stayed under the radar for a while, as they couldn’t really see us.

The cables were found by the people coming to the event, all though we rolled up our gear after 3 hours because of the police we had a very amazing and peaceful event. It was incredible to experience this party with all of you.

Rave culture brings people together, we started of with a crowd of 20 people and easily grew into a small 100 people having the time of their lives. That’s how CHPT.01’s rave culture had kicked off, and we couldn’t get enough. Below you can find some pictures of other events that followed up onto this similar kind of experience.

In this place we never really got caught, this was the centre of our rave events, the pagoda in the royal park right in front of the Royal Palace of the king of Belgium. We tapped free electricity there and even though sometimes we had to make deals with the local homeless people sleeping over there, we managed to get the night a couple of times. One time it even happened that we were entering fall, and normally the trees around the Pagoda would actually stop the sound from reaching the streets around. Unfortunately because the leaves fell of it would not keep the sound inside our secret circle, also as we wanted to place lights it didn’t seem like a good idea to organise it here. Although we changed plans and we started wrapping the entire kiosk with black foil, which made it turn into a dark rave tunnel, we installed blacklights and gave glow in the dark bodypainting sessions. The night was a crazy success, the text messages of our spectators kept going and at the end of the night we counted a 300 people around the pagoda. There are no pictures, but there’s a video where some shots of that event are included, and that video can be watched below.