Halehan, a good friend of mine has been working quite some time on some new tracks and I decided to create a videoclip for one of my favourites of his new EP. Humi (Who Am I)
In the early days of November 2019, Halehan will play a live show and present his EP at Botanique, Brussels.

For this videoclip I wanted to create a storyline that had some realistic and of course surreal elements too.
I worked together with my team, especially Simon Moirot who has been the director of photography for this one. He’s an amazing creative genius with very high technical skills, and he was the ideal match for this project.

The videoclip aims to mimic an astral projection, as many people experience “ego-death” or “leaving-the-body", these two topics are of my sincere imaginary interest and we worked with many people to create real-time paintings that afterwards were translated into a digital format.