Ping Pong Supernova is online and still on tour:

We’ve done home-screenings in Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka
Screened in Cinema Galeries, Cinema Péniche and soon also at OOPS Festival in Brighton
Featured in Vice Magazine, i-D Magazine, Oe Berlin Magazine & Lost at E Minor Magazine

A short experimental moving image recording of a cinematic and musical journey through-out abstract colors and theatrical movement attempting to merge internet-cinema with abstract hip hop influences. 
Breaking the frame of surreal cinema, away from classical narration looking for liquidity and layers through body-painted mannequins, carefully placed compositions and digital symbolism. 
Love for the mystery, looking for the fragmentation and the de-fragmentation of a medium, away from chronology - looking for coincidence to direct this movie, 
We are searching for the abstract truth in realism, artificiality is in our nature. 
In this movie the human body is key, and death must be a transformation.