The Satori dome is used for meditation, altering consciousness and relaxation. 
The Satori Dome 01 is a compound of a domelike cabin 
with crystal filtered sunlight and a soundsystem 
playing binaural beats, and guided meditations to be personally enhanced by the user.

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Satori Dome back

A brief introduction about myself

Over the past years my interests have been growing more towards people who are studying the consciousness and call themselves consciousness researchers.
Myself I’m coming from an artistic and technological background by that I mean, I’ve always been interested by using technology to create art with. I’ve studied cinema, but would consider myself more likely to be a Jack of all trades, as I also wanted to play more with other disciplines such as music making, painting, architecture and installation art for the sake of my curiosity and never ending hunger for media to expand and invent new languages with.
In all of these disciplines I had managed to use technology as a tool to create an artistic language with. Artists are at the foundation of language and art defines the language of tomorrow. That said..

I came to the conclusion that for many people today, technology forms a boundary to expand consciousness, and rather becomes a barrier in between recognizing their real desires, dreams and states of mind.
With the rise of smartphones, social media and the internet it’s a hard time taking a brief moment of silence, and connect with what so many mystics, artists, psychics, spiritual and religious people call the inner voice. It feels like we’re still in the babyshoes of the era of a virtual technology, and we’re trending more likely to become a species interconnected with all kinds of devices, and tools.

In fact we already are connected with our new sibling A I.
Many people seem to be afraid of the potential future A I might bring, I won’t say that the worries are born in a misunderstanding, it’s more likely to say that worries won’t help and it’s a matter of adapting the right attitude to work with technology, and to understand that potent forces and powers lie behind our technological creations whom in any case if abused can harm society and nature.
But in a less destructive point of view, we can also transform those powers in order to aid society and nature for the benefit of mankind. 

Aside of the technological interest, I also am interested but try to remain healthily skeptical by transcendental meditation, tibetan magic, astrology but also astronomy, zen-studies, psychedelic research, shamanism, esoterics and the mystery in general. I’m fascinated by people like Alan Watts, Terrence Mckenna, Timothy Leary, John C Lilly, Carl Jung, Jonathan Zap, Stephan A Hoeller and have been digging deeply into their thoughts, writings, lectures and conversations.

I’m trying to combine those two different domains of my interests and be the bridge in between them, in order to create technology that will aid the development of consciousness for humankind. 

Little boxes on the hillside...

After my 6 month long travel throughout Europe, Africa and Asia I have been in close contact with people from all over the world who are building new sustainable communities, some of them live far off the grid and have integrated old forgotten wisdom in their daily lifestyles, other crowds live in urban landscapes and try to upward the society by making themselves more independent from the government in all kinds of fields, such as energy, food, recycling, architecture. It’s clear that the old capitalist system has come to decay for many already and while in places all over the world the phantoms of failed revolutions have woken up again they will keep pushing the angry working class to succeed in their next revolting actions. While on the other side - another movement of people took place that remained ongoing since the early sixties, many people leaving modern civilization and build up a new way of housing, fed up with society and its obligations. Squatters, communities & tiny houses were introduced once again.

While many refugees escape from war lands to the western countries. Western people are escaping from a failed society and urban crisis, to be in closer contact with nature, afraid of the robot society where people are mere tools of a higher elite.
In my observations throughout the communities I’ve visited, I have witnessed people living in self built houses, cars, old ambulances, tents, yurts, and domes.
I have shared my days in all of those I’ve described above, and have rediscovered what architecture does with a human mind. I’m coming from the capital of Europe, the city of Brussels which is in Belgium. Belgium is a nation existing out of many spheres, but in the physical dimension Belgium can be described as a specific landscape consisting out of many boxes composed by tons of orange bricks. Long grey roads have been surrounded by orange and grey walls. All the green is invisible as the house is the border between the road and a garden. I always have to think back of the music Malvina Reynolds made, little boxes.

The tourism that Belgium is growing is mainly based on its history, as most of the foreign people visit the city centres because of the richly decorated centres where traces of a celebrated art-nouveau revive but around those city centres, the same old brick boxes remain. I always tell travelers who are interested in Belgium to not come for the beauty of the architecture, as it’s utterly terrible.

 One should visit the country for it’s amazing multicultural crowds, the people and art. Of course there are a few exceptions of architecture that could be named.

But what is very common about the housing in Belgium, and also all over the entire western world in particular is the appearance of man’s geometric obsession - we are living in the traces of a physical history defined by the need of utility and necessity in a flourishing industrial capitalist society - and I believe the geometry we live in, pollutes our visual experience, limits the perception of mankind, and makes our mind more framed and boxed as well. Alan watts refers to nature as a wobbly element and human rigidity is defined by his geometric obsession. My most vivid housing experience was living in dome like structures in El Calabacino, a magical community located nearby Sevilla, they had reconstructed an entire village on old ruins, and used specific buildings such as domes, tents, and yurts. I feel when I was living inside their architecture I felt at ease, as if the domes activated a cosmic awareness.

The Dome

I’ve always had a need for spending time in domes, I wonder where that desire came from.
Maybe it’s even a subconscious longing for being back in a sphere or oval shape such as the uterus of my mother or even the cradle that I was put in when I was a baby. Anyhow, I rediscovered the dome for the first time when I saw the structure at art festivals, and people would have light-shows and 360° video-mapping in them. My dome-hunting lead me to space observatory centres in Prague, Porto and Chenai. When I had nothing to do I would wander down in direction of the strange projection spheres at the museums and sink in the cosy seats while watching a film about the stars and the galaxy.

Another experience I had with a dome structure was again at El Calabacino where I was introduced to my very first temazcal ceremony

(for people who don’t know what a temazcal is; it’s a type of sweat lodge which originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. In ancient Mesoamerica it was used as part of a curative ceremony thought to purify the body after exertion such as after a battle or a ceremonial ball game. It was also used for healing the sick, improving health, and for women to give birth. It continues to be used today in Indigenous cultures of Mexico and Central America that were part of the ancient Mesoamerican region for spiritual and health reasons. It is currently being recovered by all sectors of society in Mexico and Central America and is used as a cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

The temazcal is usually a permanent structure, unlike sweat lodges in other regions. It is usually constructed from volcanic rock and cement and is usually a circular dome, although rectangular ones have been found at certain archeological sites and this shape is also used. To produce the heat, volcanic stones are heated. Volcanic stones are safe because they do not explode from the temperature. They are then placed in a pit located in the center or near a wall of the temazcal.)

I loved how the people of El Calabacino considered the temazcal ceremony as a spiritual service, as every month a different firemaster would step forward with an assistant to grant his/her community members a ceremony, the firemaster would prepare the entire ritual, pray to his/her ancestors, the rocks, and the nature around. Before entering fully naked in the temazcal we had to have an individual purpose and also a collective intent. I remember the men were seated all at the right side of the dome, and in front of the men the women were seated in the left side of the dome. We would have to sing mantras, pray to our guides in whatever language, to keep breathing on a steady pace and feel the presence of others around us. It happened once that we didn’t sing collectively, and the duration of that stage felt infinitely long and I entered into a deeper realm of hallucination and shadow. The volcanic rocks would be renewed four times, throughout four stages and in every stage the portal would open to let in some fresh air and replace the new volcanic rocks with the old ones. Every stage had the arrival of a new element, such as fire, water, earth and air. I guess ether was all around. At the end me and many other community members were lying on the ground as the colder air is circulating on the floor. It’d become incredibly hot in the sweat lodge, salvia and cleansed tobacco was spread on the fire to purify our bodies. After the temazcal we were slowly guided hand in hand, by the firemaster to jump in a spring of water. It was one of the most purifying experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life, as the next night I had the most beautiful dreams and deepest sleep I can remember.

Binaural beats

In 1837, a physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that listening to certain tones of sound could actually induce certain states of mind. If you listen carefully to a tone of 410 hz in your left ear, and 400hz in your right ear you will notice that the brain makes up a difference and you’ll hear an imaginary tone of 10 hz. This imaginary tone is called a binaural beat.

When your brain makes up that imaginary beat, your brainwave syncs up to that specific frequency. In other words, if you listen to 410 hz in one ear and 400hz in the other, your brain will start to resonate with the 10hz binaural beat. Your brainwaves will be at a frequency of 10 hz.

Binaural beats research has shown that you can change how you feel simply by listening to binaural beats frequencies. If you want to feel active and alert, you can listen to tones that have a bigger difference in frequency. If you want to feel calmer or fall asleep, you can listen to tones that are closer together.

For example when listening to a combination of hz we will experience certain effects:

38hz - 42hz - GAMMA 

30 - 60 Gamma Range - little known but includes decision making in a fear situation, muscle tension, [EH]

Spiritual awakening, universal love, and harmony.
Gamma brainwaves don’t translate to feeling active and alert, 

what’s been discovered is that in Gamma, neurons are firing harmoniously, that people often feel like having a spiritual experience. This brainwave state has been associated with expanding consciousness and understanding the value of universal love and harmony. 

12hz - 38hz - BETA

12hz-38hz - Beta Range - Normal wakefulness, the taking in & evaluating of various forms of data received through the senses. It's present with worry, anger, fear, hunger & surprise. [×] Waking state, motivation, outer awareness, survival, problem solving, arousal, dendrite growth, combats drowsiness [SS]; Conscious Thinking, Autonomic Processes & Emotions [EH]

Reaction, engagement, and sensory experiences.
These brainwaves take more energy to produce and you’ll feel in a state of higher productivity and concentration when listening to these vibrations. Your brain in Beta is actively engaged, aware and more reactive. A great state for a short term problem solving or engagement in exciting activities.
Should be used less for long-term decision making or deep thinking/contemplation. 

8hz - 13hz - ALPHA 

8-13 - Alpha range - Non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness; body/mind integration. ; Amplifies dowsing, empty-mind states, detachment, daydreams, mind/body integration. (can cause) epilectic seizures [SS];

Present, focused, aware
If you’re in the Alpha mode you’ll feel very present and in the moment. A good state to achieve higher pleasure in meditation or something that requires coordination, focus and learning.

3.5hz - 7.5hz - THETA (2 states)

Dreamy, otherworldy and surreal

These vibrations will feel similar to states of lucid dreaming, deep meditation or drifting off to sleep.
In Theta, you no longer sense the outside world but you are aware and conscious of your internal world. It’s the perfect frequency for pyschonauts exploring deeper states of themselves, all of your subconscious fears, hopes and judgements can be found in the Theta state. Theta is a more difficult state to achieve because you often drift out of it very quickly either becoming conscious in Alpha or moving on to the next deeper state. By staying in Theta, you can learn endless information about yourself and your consciousness. 

3.5-7.5 - Theta Range 1 Creativity, intuition, daydreaming, fantasizing, recollection, imagery, dreamlike, switching thoughts, drowsiness; "oneness", "knowing", repository for memories, emotions, sensations. Can lead to trance-like states. Theta strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer + spiritual awareness. Reflects state between wakefulness+ sleep. Relates to subconscious. Observed in anxiety, behavioral activation+behavioral inhibition. Promotes learning+memory when functioning normally. (I think they mean it helps you process what you've learned - if you tried to actively learn while in the theta state, I doubt you'd have success - but sometimes the theta state can give your subconscious a chance to chew the proverbial fat that you've learned during the day, and digest it.) Abnormal in awake adults, but seen in children up to 13 years old. Suppression of theta can help concentration/focus of attention. [CRI]

4-7 - Theta Range 2 : recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness; Access to subconscious images, deep meditation, reduced blood pressure, said to cure addictions [SS]; Reset the brain's sodium potassium levels, which cuts down on mental fatigue [INT]; Increases sex drive [INT] ; Meditation, Intuitive Augmentation [NEU]; Near Sleep brainwaves, conducive to profound inner peace, "mystical truths", transforming unconsciously held limiting beliefs, physical & emotional healing, purpose of life exploration, inner wisdom, faith, meditation, some psychic abilities, & retrieving unconscious material. [PWB]; bursts of inspiration, twilight sleep learning, deep relaxation, reverie, high levels of awareness, vivid mental imagery. Hypnopompic & Hypnagogic states [NSS via DW]; Military remote viewers operate in this range [RVX]

5hz - 3hz - DELTA

0.1-3 Delta range, according to [NEU+CRI] - deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions, hypnosis [NEU]; Decreased awareness of the physical world. Access to unconscious information. Dominant brainwave in infants under one year old. This range normally decreases when we focus, but this doesn't happen when a person with ADD - delta waves actually increase when they try and focus. [CRI]; "Monroe focus 21" [MB2 via DW];

Asleep, regenerative and healing.
You won’t recall ever being in this state, but it’s an incredibly important brainwave for your health. In this state you will be deeply asleep, but not actively dreaming. Your body needs this state to heal and regenerate. On a daily basis, you’ll need to achieve this state when you sleep at night to make sure your body can heal itself. When you’re feeling really sick or your body and mind are working hard, you’ll want to stay in this state a little longer.


There are many people who inspired me in the process of the Satori Dome 01.
I came up with the idea to build them after hearing about the floatation tanks by John C Lilly. 

(see the left picture)
I was interested in creating technology that’d help us expand consciousness of humankind like the floatation tank did. I found it such a shift in today’s society to think about architecture/technology that would strengthen the relationship with our own psyche.
The technology is meant to be used alone, in fact I hope people to understand the value of a personal meditation room where we can tune out from all the distracting elements in our lives.
Our lives are becoming more and more compressed with technological interdependent relationships and all sorts of gadgets that are meant to keep us obey and stay in a consumer perception. 

After all there’s another man whom I cannot forget to mention, his name is Absalon his real name is Meir Eshel, who was a well known french-israeli artist in the 80ies and early 90ies, unfortunately the genius died at the age of 28.
He was making “cellules” or “cells” (see right picture) new kind of architectural houses to be inhabited by one person, his work was going to be placed in 6 musea worldwide and he’d live in them.
This is what wikipedia says about his cells: 

In the course of six years Absalon created a series of one person living units based on everyday routine actions and designed entirely in relation to his measures. The inside of the cell is all covered in white in order to reduce distractions or elements that can disturb the eye. In his video Solutions (1992) Absalon demonstrate the study of measurements and calculation of movements like eating, sleeping, taking shower which later will define the form of his cells. In 1993 Absalon started to construct six cells which were supposed to be installed in six metropolitan centers[6] as Absalon described in interview: "I would like to create my own setting and belong to nothing else. My living unit will be comprised of the six habitation units which I construct, and my homeland will be in-between them


For a really precise list with the effects I would really recommend you to check out